Simultaneous interpreting is based on interpreting inside the booth (with appropriate technical equipment), where the interpreter with a headset translates every spoken word into the target language, whose recipients are also equipped with headphones. It is most commonly used at international conferences, congresses, and meetings of political groups and top managers.

This way of providing interpreting services is demanding on the professional knowledge of the language and also on the absolute concentration of the interpreter. For this reason, we usually use two interpreters who take turns in approximately half-hour intervals.


A special category of simultaneous interpretation is the chuchotage, i.e. whispered interpreting, ideal for small groups, under three people. The interpreting is then carried out without any technical aids, by whispering in the ear of the client. We will arrange for simultaneous translation in English and many other languages.

Advantages of Consecutive Interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, everything is simpler but more demanding at the same time. The interpreter interprets (not word for word, but the main idea) during the pause the speaker always makes after several sentences. It can therefore be performed without any technological equipment, but it is necessary for the interpreter to have an extremely developed operative memory and to master the so called interpreter’s notation, used for memorizing the text and for its interpretation.

Consecutive interpreting is used especially during trips abroad and business dealings, real estate purchases and leases, at exhibitions and fairs, by spokespersons for media and publicly active persons, etc.

Price and contact

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