Equipment You can Rent from Us

Take advantage of our broad offer of conference and interpreting equipment, which also includes:

  • Audio equipment (digital microphones, amplifiers, speakers, mixpults, etc.);
  • Video equipment (monitory, videorecorders, DVD recorders, MP3s etc.);
  • Interpreting equipment (wireless infra-systems, headphones, receivers, whispering devices, interpreting booths and their equipment by infrared heaters, mobile wireless equipment, directing, etc.);
  • Equipment for recording of the so called focus group (group talks for marketing purposes, parallel group spots, visualizations, etc.)

Where our equipment can be used:

  • Congresses
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Trainings

Contat and Prices

Do you need interpreting equipment for reasonable prices? Don’t hesitate and contact us. Based on your requirements, we will prepare a suitable offer and then we will deliver the equipment to the destination and install it.