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b) Vietnamese – additional language versions
Normopage 1000 Kč
Normopage 1600 Kč

Faultless certified translation in Vietnamese is a matter of course with us

Our trained professionals feel in the fields of both criminal and civil justice (including commercial, family, or inheritance justice) like a fish in water. You can be sure of their thoroughness, orientation in both criminal and civil law, and perfect knowledge of Vietnamese.

We will, of course, attach a court clause with the corresponding filling number to the back side of each certified translation. If you ever lose it, you can easily trace it by this number in state records in order to obtain its copy.

We also offer copying, scanning and printing of personal and other documents. We will provide originals of birth certificates, diplomas, etc. with a verification clause for you.

Delivery Dates of Certified Translations in Vietnamese

The speed matters, so you can get from us:

  • Certified translation in Vietnamese of the extent of 1 page – within 1 day (without any extra charge).
  • Certified translation in Vietnamese of the extent of more than 1 page – according to our mutual agreement, within 3 to 5 working days.

As soon as we finish the translation, we will inform you by a SMS message.

How to Get a Certified Translation in Vietnamese

Morning or evening, Monday or Saturday, February or August – feel free to contact us anytime with your request for a certified translation in Vietnamese. We are available in our Prague office at Václavské náměstí 19/832, Praha 1, on the phone (602 276 400 – we speak fluent Czech, English. and Russian), or by e-mail or Skype.

You can bring us the documents you need us to translate in person, send them by COD mail, or if you are busy, we can pick them up anywhere in Prague for a small charge.

Our price for a certified translation in Vietnamese will pleasantly surprise you. In case of long-term cooperation, we can also do some magic with our prices.